health pic A Healthy Way Of Life

Now is the the time for you to start exercising!  Living a healthy life will be sure to increase years on your life.  Here’s how to get started.

When you think about fitness, you may think about the professional athlete or the neighborhood “gym rat” who never eats carbs and runs seven miles a day. The reality is that “fitness”, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is “the quality or state of being fit.” That means it’s a personal endeavor; one size does not fit all. Quality of life—or your lifestyle —helps you determine what level of “fitness” works for you.

If you comb the myriad of fitness and health-related magazines and web sites, you’ll find that there are just two key components to a health and fitness program: exercise and diet—or what I like to simply call eating right!

A good exercise program will address aerobic conditioning, resistance or strength training, and flexibility. Having a nutritious and well-balanced eating plan is the other part of the equation to maintain a healthy weight and/or reach a healthy level of fitness.

So let’s start by reviewing some of the exercise options available, ranging from those for beginners to the more advanced:

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