ful oill Seafood Prices Going UP?

Even though you may not live in the Gulf area, if you like seafood you will soon feel the effects of the massive oil spill…

Restaurants around the country that depend on seafood from the Gulf of Mexico are shuddering at the thought of not having fresh product because of the massive oil spill.

After reading several reports the biggest concern seems to be shellfish like shrimp, oysters, clams, scallops and crabs although deep sea fish varieties like grouper are also expected to be effected.

Richard Stavis, president and CEO of South Boston importer Stavis Seafoods, expects the oyster market to be affected the most. The Gulf region accounts for two-thirds of all U.S. oyster production. Stavis says, “There could be a shortage. It could get significantly more expensive and it could knock oysters off menus.”

oysters Seafood Prices Going UP?

WAOK’s Tina Douglas spoke to Richard Pidgeon of Inland Seafood Wholesale Distributors here in Atlanta about the possible effect the oil spill will have on seafood availability.

Pidgeon also said that people shouldn’t worry about eating seafood in the future.

The Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, New Orleans chefs, seafood dealers and grocers are also united in saying Louisiana seafood is safe to eat.

Although the potential for damage from the spill is massive, 77 percent of the Louisiana Gulf fisheries are west of the Mississippi River, away from the oil, according to the seafood board. Louisiana still has plenty of seafood, both in storage and being harvested now from unaffected areas.

Meantime crews working on the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico have set more surface fires to burn oil.

Workers loaded a 100-ton, concrete-and-steel box the size of a four-story building onto a ship and started the process of  lowering it to the bottom of the sea.  BP officials say they will know if it is successful in capping the leak by Monday.

blowoutx large Seafood Prices Going UP?

BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles says it will take about two days to attempt to secure the dome over where the oil leak is.
Time will tell who is telling the truth.

(FYI: I will see you in line at the seafood department, I’m getting mine now! Just in case.)


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