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50 years in prison…..Deal or no deal?

accident victims Would You Accept the Deal?

The Carter Family killed April 12, 2009

Aimee Michael, the young lady accused of killing five people in an Easter Sunday traffic accident and leaving the scene has decided to turn down a plea deal with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office.  Her trial date has been set for October 25. Both Aimee and her mother Sheila Michael face charges in the case. Prosecutors say Aimee was on her way to pick up some ice cream and cake on Easter Sunday 2009, driving along Camp Creek Parkway in a BMW when she sideswiped a Mercedes driven by Robert Carter causing a chain reaction accident that killed Carter, his wife Delisia, their infant son Ethan,  Delisia’s daughter Kayla, and six yr old  Morgan Johnson who died in a Volkswagen that was also involved in the accident.

Michaels panicked, left the scene of the accident and never reported her involvement. Her mother is accused of helping her daughter hide evidence by getting her car fixed. But exhaustive detective work and help from the media lead to both women’s arrest almost 2 weeks after the accident.

The Fulton County District Attorney offered Aimee Michael 50 years in prison and her mother 5 years in prison. Both women decided to take their chance at a trial.

Both women were released on bond and Aimee Michael was put on 24-hour home confinement.

Would you accept the plea deal offered in this case? Answer the poll.

  1. Renee in Riverdale says:

    Attorney Paul Howard was trying to spare Aimee and her mother from a jurty trial. My belief is that Aimee and her mother may receive a harsher sentence if trial by jury. Aimee and her mother also face civil suits from the families of the victims. To not speak up is despicable.

    1. jean103 says:

      Thanks for your response. Sometimes I believe people think they are doing the right thing but for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Kelly says:

    Its not the accident that makes this so horrible – the crime was hiding and not being accountable after the accident. She would have escaped with a guilty conscience and a much lighter sentence had she simply been honest. Its a tragic lesson for all of us.

    1. jean103 says:

      Thanks for your response it’s a tough case.

  3. bradley says:

    she should get100 years and her mother to

    1. jean103 says:

      Thanks for your response. We will see what happens in October

  4. SVJ says:

    My name is Sonja V. Johnson & I’m the aunt of Morgan Alonah Johnson (6 years old) @ the time of her death on April 12, 2009 (Easter Sunday). My niece died a “horrific death” as well as the Carter Family who “burned to death” in their car on this tragic day! My sister-in-law, Tracie C. Mattox-Johnson nearly lost her life and is the “only” survivor of this tragedy! To this day, she is still going to therapy to rebuild terrible damage to her legs from being crushed from the waist down. The doctors (Grady Memorial Hospital) who saved her life through “God” say, it was truly a miracle that she survived!!!! My brother Morris A. Johnson II, my sister-in-law Tracie and their son, Morris A. Johnson III, & the entire families Mattox & Johnson are stilling dealing with “painful grief!” We realize the entire situation “started” as an “accident”, but unfortunately ended has a “crime” due to the Michaels family covering up this horror! My family “grieves” and with everything that has happened we do feel “sadness” for the young lady who did cause this tragedy! We’ve (the families involved) all said, if the young lady had just stayed at the “scene of the accident” and at least tried to dial “911” we could’ve understood so much better what “she” was going through. Aimee Michaels did not do that and instead, now we all have to “re-live” this horror all over again in court with the trial starting October 25, 2010!

    1. jean103 says:

      I really appreciate your comments. No one can understand the pain your family has endured because of this tragedy. My prayers are with you and Tracie and we wish her continued success in her recovery.

  5. Fionna W. says:

    The only thing that we can depend on in this case is the divine order and judgement from God. We can say she deserves 50, 100 or more years, but in the end, it’s up to what God has to say about this matter. It is tragic that both sides in this case have lost their lives, a beautiful new family and Aimee Michael who is 23 years old and faces the rest of her adult life in a penal institution.

  6. Cherrelle says:

    I believe that Aimee along with her mother should remain in jail until the trial. Reason being….it is obvious that the mother is incapable of teaching her daughter right from wrong. Therefore who can guarantee that Aimee isn’t out driving right now. We all know Fulton County isn’t that great at monitoring prisoners with ankle links on . She killed 5 people….doesn’t that mean something? Why should she be able to injoy the comforts of home after all the grief and pain she has caused those families. Especially given the fact that she tried to hide her crime and so did her mother. If the snitch in the neighborhood would not have come forward this case probably would still not be solved and miss Aimee Michaels and her mother would me going on with their lives happily. That’s basically what they’re doing now.

  7. Kim says:

    I hate this tragedy, but I also believe no intent was involved to hurt the victims. I think Amiee was midguided and scared. I pray she’ll be able to forgive herself. I pray for a very light sentence.

  8. Student21 says:

    I read about this tragedy sometime back and it breaks my heart that so many people lives have been ruined behind this mess. My heart goes out to all parties involved. If I haven’t learned anything else from this case besides the sorrow that I feel all parties will and have endured. I realized how our entire lives can change in the matter of seconds. I agree with the judge “it wasn’t that you left the scene, that is understandable if you panicked because people do make mistakes, but in 2 weeks you never once called to make that situation right….and that here is the real crime. Her actions not only ruined other people’s lives but it also ruined the lives of her family who seemed like hard working folks. Life was taken for granted in this situation and selfishness came out instead of doing what was right……As a mother we do try to protect our kids from harm…But right is right and wrong is wrong, and I believe even if I didn’t turn my child in when I first found out, I would have held him or her and we would have had to do the right thing……

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