blue eyed black baby 2 Beautiful Eyes Right?

Can this be possible or is this Photoshop?

According to recent Studies, the chances of an Afro-American baby with blue eyes being born are 1 in a million.  There are “brown” people  with light eyes, usually light brown, green or gray, but they also share the Anglo-Saxon characteristics such as pug nose and Light hair, but a baby with all the physical characteristics of the afro-American race with blue eyes was almost impossible. Seems like Globalization is working right? It will be more common to see mixes like this one day after day. This baby has 19 months now and since he was 12 months old got a  full contract and a life insurance with Paramount Pictures; you will see him in movies, commercials and magazines very soon!

blue eyed balck baby 1 Beautiful Eyes Right?

  1. Paul S says:

    I understand that this is possible, due to race mixing, but it looks very strange!! I would not wish this abnormality on my child.

  2. Elizabeth M says:

    I think he’s beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the future.

  3. mess says:

    I recieved this picture 2 years ago and saved it. I wonder what the methods are behind the redistribution of it the Child who be at least 3-4 and when I first recieved the picture the claim was he would be in movies and commercials.
    The eye color is indeed possible I have family members that have gray eyes (which is also rare) they look similiar. Australian Aboriginal people have many variations in eye color

    1. MotownDiva says:

      I agree with you Mess, what is the motive behind redistribution of this childs pictures. My families eye color covers every range. I think he is unique, however there are many beautiful black children, without having to focus on certain physical attributes. One e-mail I received said he is very handsome just for having Blue Eyes. We need to stop getting caught up in the European stand of beauty.

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