Is a Parking Space REALLY that Important?

mall parking lot Is a Parking Space REALLY that Important?

I know finding a parking space at the mall is important but what happened at the Mall of Stonecrest is just plain ridiculous. Dekalb County police are investigating a shooting and stabbing at the Stonecrest Mall…over a PARKING SPACE! One man was stabbed and a female bystander was shot after a fight broke out when one man took another’s parking space Friday night.

Have you ever been mad enough to actually get out of your car and fight over a parking space at the Mall? Let’s hope not. Just count to 10 folks and trust me another spot will open up within 2 to 5 minutes.

  • phylicia

    well the boi that got stabed was my brother and frist of all thas not what happend so to all yall folks that loves to make up shit yall need to stay in yall place cause thats not what went down when my brother got stabbed i almost lost him that nite!!!!!talk what yall no before yall speak!!!!!!!!!!

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